My Name is on the Cover Page of this Book!


    Together with my co- majors, Diana Mye Pastores and Armel john Arvin Dequito, I worked for the compilation of plant systematics which will be an easy guide to plant classification and basic taxonomy. We worked for it for almost 2 weeks. I spent so much time together with them and at the same time I’ve learned a lot of things while doing that project. At this point, that compilation book is still displayed on Biological Science Laboratory in our school.


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” -Aristotle


-Mercy S. Landicho

Being unsure on who you are and on what you want 

Is one of the hardest part in life.

Its like you are always asking yourself

“What do I really want to be?” and “What is the best for me?”


It’s like you’ve been stocked between right and left.

You’re still confused where you should go next.

When you chose to be on the right

Some would say you better go on the other side.


There was a time that made me think

“Do I really want to teach or do I just want to learn such things?”

My heart says that teaching is what I want 

And I will never change my mind.

In LAB with Science

“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.”  

-Carl Sagan


    Science gives me a lot of things to learn including those explanations on what is happening in our solar system, planet, environment, volcanoes, bodies of water, air and even in every cell in our body. Science gives me something that makes me attracted, attached and amazed for everything associated on it. I am a third year college student taking Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biological Science. One of the experiences that I will never forget is when I experienced dissecting a frog, as what you can see in the picture above. On our zoology class, we are all required to dissect a frog since we have to study its internal organs. At first it was hard for me because I am really afraid to frogs. Thanks to one of my classmates who helped me in pinning the alive and conscious frog into the Styrofoam. I started cutting a small portion on its abdomen then I cut it vertically for me to see all the internal organs. Then I removed and collected all the internal organs because I have to identify what organs are those. What really amazed me is that, its heart was still beating even it was already removed from the frog. 

Be a Chess Player In Life’s Game


  Chess is a game played by two players. It is played with a chessboard and 32 pieces. Each player has 16 pieces including 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 1 queen and 1 king arranged horizontally in his or her front. The player will think of everything just to cover and protect the king because once the king was cornered by the other player’s officials that will be the end of the game. Playing chess is like playing the game of your own life. You have to be very careful in decision making. Ensuring that you will make right moves for every situation. You might commit a wrong one because you feel a little bit confused but the lesson is that, you’ve learned not to commit the same mistake again and to think of a way on how to make it right for the next move that you will take. The other player’s officials represent those hindrances or struggles that you will encounter in your life. They will absolutely get into your way to challenge you, your determination and your faith. You have to focus on your game, for you not to be distracted by the other things around you and for you to get what you really want to achieve in life. Play the game. Make yourself a WINNER!

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